‘Rise: The Psalms of Ascent’ Series

1/31/2021 - 2/27/2021

‘Rise: The Psalms of Ascent’ Series
January 31- February 21, 2021
The Psalms of Ascent or Songs of Ascent are Psalms 120-134, they are the songs sung by the Hebrew people as they ascended to Jerusalem to celebrate the various festivals and probably when they left captivity at various times throughout their history. They were songs of celebration, praising God for His Provisions, protection and deliverance. For us they serve as powerful ways for us to express our love and worship for God for the same reasons: Provisions, protection and deliverance.
Each one offers us encouragement and a way to worship God.

In This Series

  1. 'God’s Provisions'
  2. 'Look to God'
  3. 'Help Comes from the Lord'
  4. 'Rest in the Lord'
  5. 'He did it before, He’ll do it again'