Teenagers that are in 6th – 8th grade are curious and crazy. We give them controlled chaos while helping them develop their own faith in a safe and fun environment. We incorporate lesson time with High school students as well as individual time with JR high peers in Small group discussions. Programming like this allows the JR high students the freedom to be… well JR High students and then learn from the High school students as well.

High School

Teenagers that are in 9th – 12th grade want some adult conversation, but at the same time still have fun.  By tailoring small group discussions around this age group allows High school teens to develop their faith at their pace. High school teens start to ask more why and how questions as they become young adults. Showing them a biblical world view that contrasts what the world has to offer usually has some deeper discussions.

Our service is casual, yet inspiring. We will sing some songs, open the Bible and spend time together growing closer to God. At Scottsdale Christian we believe that you should feel welcome at church no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. We look forward to meeting you!